Current Project

The next project is the upgrade of a pair of Kef 104/2 series 1

What will be done to this pair is servicing the crossovers and upgrading tweeters

The caps used will be Solen and Bennic Caps

The tweeters chosen are ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004

The typical complain about these speakers is the lack of top end, its a bit muffled, lacks sparkle.
The common problems are leaking caps due to age
This model also incorporates a protection circuit in the crossover.
Alcaps and Elcap as used in Kef, Gales, Rogers etc are very prone to leak over time.  The Elcaps are notorious to give exagerated values, one recently replaced was a 60uF which read 111uF
Another problem with these crossovers is the capacitors in the protection circuit, they leak badly and corrode the board and tracks.