As a trial im starting to build my own range of speakers, it's at the experimenting stage, i'm mainly going to concentrate in book shelf size cabinets, floor standers are only by request.

I decided to use Vifa bass drivers and Morel tweeters in this range.  These can be changed to customer requirements.

These are a 2 way with a 6.5" bass driver and a 1" soft dome tweeter, the box is approximately 20L

The cabinets are made from 16mm MDF.
Once the cabinets are built the inside is sealed with undercar body deadener
Vifa NE180W-04, 6.5" Woofer

The Vifa NE product line have cutting-edge transducer technology with a  stylish design. The woofers in this product line feature an innovative aluminum basket design which minimizes acoustic reflections inside the driver. The basket is both a heat sink and a neodymium motor. The cone and dust cap are coated natural wood fiber material. The cone has pentacone technology for improved performance.
Morel MDT30S 

Morel 1" textile dome tweeter
Hand coated dome
Ferrofluid cooled
Replaceable voice coils
Aluminum face-plate
Gold-plated terminals
Rear chamber
Custom built crossovers using 1.8mm inductor wire and Solen caps

Crossover point is 3500hz

Crossover can be adjusted or modified to customer requirements, tweeter can be tweaked and crossed over between 2500hz and 4500hz if necessary.

Clarity Caps are the other option, prices adjusted accordingly.