Goodmans Maxamp 30 and Maxim Speakers
Nad 216THX
Stereo Power Amplifier
• 2 x 125 Watts continuous power into 8ohms
2 x 200 Watts into 4ohms
• Dynamic Power 170, 280, 400 Watts into 8, 4 and 2 ohms
• Low loss, massive Holmgren™ toroidal mains transformer
• Dual mono, Left and Right mirror image amplifier PCBs
• Protection circuitry senses short circuits, DC and overheating
• Bridgeable; 400 W into 8 ; 800W dynamic power into 4

Stereo Mode
Continuous Average Output Power 125W (21dBW)
(Minimum power per channel, 20Hz-20kHz both channels driven, with no more than rated distortion)
Rated distortion (THD 20Hz-20kHz) 0.03%Clipping power (maximum continuous power per channel) 160W
IHF dynamic headroom at 8ohms +1.3dB
IHF dynamic power 8 170W (22.3dBW)
(maximum short term power per channel) 4 280W (24.5dBW)
2 400W (26dBW)
Slew rate >70V/sec
Damping factor (ref. 8ohms, 50Hz) >200
Input impedance 60k + 500pF
Input sensitivity (for rated power into 8ohms) 1.1V
Voltage gain x 28.3 (29dBW)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz ±0.2dB
-3dB at 2Hz/100kHz
Signal/Noise ratio ref 1 W 98dB
ref. rated power 119dB
THD + SMPTE I.M. + IHF I.M. <0.03%
Bridged (Monophonic) Mode
Continuous Average Power Output into 8ohms 400W (26dBW)
(Minimum power per channel, 20Hz-20kHz,both channels driven, with no more than rated distortion)
IHF dynamic headroom at 8ohms +1.5dB
IHF dynamic power 8 560W (27.5dBW)
(maximum short term power per channel) 4 800W (29dBW)
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (
Luxman LV-103 Hybrid Amp
The hybrid Integrated Amplifier which adopted the Brid circuit which uses the thermionic tube excellent in musical reappearance power, and MOS FET of high speed high power.
Interference distortion which current amplification causes is suppressed by throwing a triode into FET and the pre-driver stage, and supplying MOS FET to a final stage at the first rank, and also considering it as a voltage amplification over a whole page.
Sharing of the feed line in a circuitry and an earth line was not carried out, but the S.T.A.R. circuit which connected all the lines from the reference point to each point direct is adopted, and the silence and the nuance between sound are reproduced transparently infinite.

Form  Hybrid Integrated Amplifier  
Output power  80W+80W (6 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz)  
THD  0.008% or less (6 ohms, 1kHz)  
Frequency characteristic  1Hz - 200kHz-less than 3dB  
Input sensitivity/impedance  Phono man month: 2.5mV/47kohm 
Phono MC: 125 microvolts/100 ohms 
compact disk, Tuner, audio video/AUX:150mV/40kohm  
S/N ratio (A curve correction)  Phono MM:90dB 
Phono MC:70dB 
compact disk, Tuner, audio video/AUX:110dB  
Supply voltage  AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz  
Dimensions  Width 438x height 148x depth of 346mm  
Weight  10.2kg