Bose 901 refoaming, series 3 onwards
Bose 901 refoam supply and fit for $295
I can refoam just about any speaker known, its a much cheaper option than replacing.

I can refoam brands like Bose, Jbl, Kef, Pioneer, B&O, Dynaudio, AR, Etone, Celestion, Vifa, Scan Speak and many more!
All of the foam surrounds are an aftermarket product, original surrounds can be ordered (subject to availability), contact me for a quote.  They come in black, green for Jensen and red for Cerwin Vega, 3" to 18" in sizes, i also do 6x9 for the car audio range.

Refoaming prices start from $22 each.

3 and 4"  $20.00
5, 6, 6.5" $25.00
8"            $30
10"          $35
12"          $45
15"          $80
18"          $ contact me

These prices are for standard sizes, does not include odd sizes like 7", 11" etc

Tannoy Dual Concentric 12" and 15" surrounds supply and fit $150 each.

Please note that i do not sell DIY kits.