A vintage Etone guitar speaker from the late 60's in poor condition, the cone had tears, the voice coil was open circuit and someone used silicone to glue the torn paper surround
Etone is an Australian made speaker still operating today, the basket is one piece cast alloy, the magnet sits inside the basket.
This is the end result, basket was bead blasted and clear coated, new cone, surround, coil, spider, gasket and dust cap fitted.
For the final touch a new label was made and glued on the back.

In this case i wasn't able to powder coat the basket because the magnet cannot be removed.
Restoration on a vintage Magnavox 8" speaker, this is how i received the speaker, a lot of surface rust, missing cone, voice coil and spider.
An inspection of the basket and magnet assembly revealed that the best option was to have both bead blasted, once returned a clear coat was used to prevent the return of the rust.
The voice coil gap is now cleaned and any foreign materials removed.  After looking over quite a few coils one was found to be suitable, this was then attached to a new spider, coil height was then adjusted and glues allowed to set.
The new cone is now attached to the coil, glued and allowed to set.  The cone assembly is placed into the basket and checked for coil gap clearances.  Spider is glued to the basket and coil is shimmed.  Again glues allowed to set. Surround edge is glued, cone centered, gaskets fitted and guess what... glues allowed to dry.
A final check is made, sound played through the speaker, also tested with a frequency sweep using an audio generator.  Finally a dust cap is fitted and the job is done.
Please note that restorations are done with availability of parts.  We cannot guarantee to be able to restore every speaker but we will do our best.