VP Acoustics

This will be a range of speakers which i will be offering, please note that it's in it's early stages.

I will be offering 2 way, 3 way and 4 way designs from small bookshelf to large floor standing.

All will be using Vifa Tymphany NE range bass drivers and Morel 30S tweeters.

Crossovers will be hand made using 1.8mm air cooled inductors and Solen capacitors.

The boxes are hand made, from 16mm mdf to 18mm mdf depending on the cabinet size.

All boxes are made raw and the colour will be a decision made by the owner, the finish will be laminate (laminex or similar) which will be done by a cabinet maker.

The boxes are lined with acoustical foam.

All cabinets are bi wireable and will come with adjustable vents.

Grilles are an option.

Other speakers can be built if something is specifically requested, as my cabinet building tools are limited i will only be making basic 6 sided boxes, nothing fancy, my interest are in the sound reproduction and not looks.

VP Acoustics 2 Way 6.5" Woofer

This is the first of the range which i built.
It uses the Morel 30S tweeter and the Vifa NE 180W-04 bass driver
Power rating is 80w RMS, its tuned at 30hz, can produce amazing bass for the size, low and deep, suitable for jazz, classical types of music.
Another problem with these crossovers is the capacitors in the protection circuit, they leak badly and corrode the board and tracks.